Reading through the eyes

The Trop'gnons are just like their innovator Amandine, often called the "Child-Woman" by her entourage. Like a Peter Pan, she has created an endearing universe, full of poetry and mystery... These little characters have no mouth. Some would say that it is to better listen and observe the Other without judgment, others because they simply do not need to speak to be understood and accepted by all. They are adopted for their "cuteness", their uniqueness, and the message of benevolence they give off. Enter a silent universe: born from past wounds, their story closely linked to Amandine's is full of life lessons and reconstruction, like a personal therapy.

Amandine is a creative at heart! Passionate about funny, strange, fantastic worlds, ... she has been rocked since childhood by the madness of Tim Burton, the originality of Miyazaki or the magic of Disney. The craftswoman escapes through drawing and modeling, two passions that allow her to blossom and better face the future that sometimes scares her. 

Precious values

From her past experiences, as a teenager then as a young adult aware of the handicap, Amandine defends values dear to her heart:

- BENEVOLENCE, ALTRUISM: to be able to show indulgence, kindness, attention towards the Other in a disinterested and understanding way 

- TOLERANCE : to admit in the Other a way of thinking or acting different from the one we adopt ourselves, to respect the freedom of others in matters of opinion

"The eyes are the windows to the soul. Georges RODENBACH