About the Tribe

Militants of benevolence, the Trop'gnons are part of a large family with a very particular history. The leader of the tribe is called Champi: a red and white amanite mushroom created by Amandine, the creator. The troop was not born by chance: its mission is to defend values dear to the heart of the craftswoman, in order to help her lead a personal fight against the judgments of the past from which she may have suffered, but also the infertility that concerns her today.


You want to know more about the tribe, the creator's background, the workshops to learn how to model polymer clay figurines yourself, the ambassadors' team? Then we invite you to have a look at the Website : it gathers all the information about the tribe, but also a BLOG part where Amandine tells their story (and hers) through several chapters.

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